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Who are the Crocodile Sisters?

Crocodile Sisters Van

Crocodile Sisters is an exciting outside catering company formed during the summer of 2001 by a young , talented and innovative team. They decided then that the company would follow the basic principle of excellent food, no matter what the price.  That remains the same – Crocodile Sisters will never offer food which they would’t eat themselves.  As the team said ten years ago, “Gone are the days of curling ham on half a stale teacake......”  we still say the same now!

Our cheapest, basic finger food buffet uses the same ingredients as the more expensive menus. Our bread rolls are baked in the morning, by us. We use ham and beef which we have roasted ourselves, and we always use free range chickens & eggs. We use local suppliers for all our ingredients, and our hot food is made by us.  We are proud of our food, and we hope you will enjoy eating it! 

We produce menus which will give you an idea of what we do, but we are very versatile – if there is something you would like, but can’t find it on the menu, then please ask. If we can do it, we will!

More About Us

  • We use only local produce
    from Wakefield
    We use local sources for our ingredients where possible; that way we can be sure of the quality and freshness of the food we offer you.

  • Wedding Catering

    Wedding Catering
    We do wedding catering, but as chefs we would like to discuss and create a menu to suit you. Please get in touch to arrange a convenient time to come and see us and sample some of our foods - this does not mean we add on £££'s just because it is a "wedding"!

  • Custom Orders

    Custom OrdersAll our menus are designed to give you a good range of buffets and food to suit your occasion. Every single menu can be catered to your own needs and you can mix and match any food items to get your perfect buffet. Contact us today for more information.