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Taste expert

Our Cakes

Christmas Cake

Toni went to College with Lucy back in the day and has now been a Crocodile Sister since the beginning of 2013. Her passion is baking and she is absolutely fabulous! She is an absolute perfectionist! She is a real asset to the Company. She will try her hand at anything, her signature has to be her scones. Having visited Devon for her Honeymoon, Lucy says their scones are not a patch on Toni’s!

Although Toni is not trained in cake decorating, she made a brilliant job of Lucy’s Wedding cake.

Toni gets lots of requests such as:

  • Carrot Cake
  • Coffee and Walnut Cake
  • Ground Rice Tarts
  • Flapjacks
  • Chocolate Brownies
  • Coconut Tarts
  • Bakewell Tarts

Don’t be afraid to make requests!

Our Christmas Cakes

Christmas Cake

We start making our Christmas Cakes, by hand, in August. We use a traditional family recipe, handed down from Lucy’s great grandmother, but we have ‘tweaked’ it slightly by adding plenty of brandy – we don’t think Grandma would mind! They are dark, moist, fruity and rich, and we have never tasted any cake better. They would be wonderful for you, or as a gift.

We  sell Christmas Cakes by the slice in the cafe – do come and give them a try!
Our recipe contains almonds, and brandy. Should you wish for a cake without nuts, or without alcohol, then do please ask – we do make a few for anyone who needs them.

Choose your Favourite

  • Plain Christmas Cake

    Plain Christmas CakeThis is just the cake, with no decoration at all. Some people prefer an excellent cake served plain, to go with a chunk of Wensleydale cheese. Heaven!

    Sorry we have sold out of our 8 inch square and round Christmas Cakes!

  • Marzipan and IcingA traditional decoration; a layer of marzipan, covered with royal icing. We're not experts in cake decoration, but this icing is REAL icing, made with icing sugar and an egg white!

    Sorry we have sold out of our 8 inch square and round Christmas Cakes!

  • Nut ToppingA very festive look for a cake. Almonds, walnuts, brazil nuts and glace cherries are used to make a pattern on the top of the cake. They are then glazed with apricot jam, plus a little (of course!) brandy.

    Sorry we have sold out of our 8 inch square and round Christmas Cakes!